Saturday, July 25, 2015

GA and NC Youth Teams On Mission in New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 7.25.2015 p1     1-Lakeside Baptist Church, Greensboro, GA; 2-Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, State Road; 3-Patty from Sandy Run Baptist Church, Roxobel (she organized the tool trailer); 4-Feeding team from PA/NJ (Carolyn, Bill, George & Suzann); 5-Ann got to see a beautiful sunrise when she was out running; 6-David is still with us and working hard; 7-This is what happens when vandals set one of our porta-johns on fire at a job site. 8-Some of the Pleasant Ridge group taking a chair lift ride; Mission Trip Adventures 07.251     The youth were numerous this week.  Paul Kenny’s house got raised last Friday so some of the guys helped him tear down the old block wall and clean it up.  One group started the steps and ramp for Georgette.  Several did caulking, cleaning and painting.  The group that spent the week at the O’brian house gave them a special framed gift before they left on Friday.  Kenny has been trying to arrange for a sewer and water line to be installed to a house since last spring.  He finally got all neighbors to agree so the GA guys helped dig the ditch so Billy and Rich could install the piping.

We are still looking for teams the last two weeks of August.

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