Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild April 2-8, 2017

4.08     1-Colonial Baptist, Cary; 2-Westwood Baptist, Cary; 3-Region 4 Feeding Team; 4-Greystone Baptist, Raleigh; 5-Beach Road Baptist, Oak Island.New folder     We did not have a large number of volunteers this week but the ones we had got a lot done. Teams hung sheet rock, installed windows, wired a house, built a tall set of steps.  Burnt Swamp Association sent some sheet rock finishing help. They have completed all the sheet rock work at our new housing site that can be done at this time.  Some of the volunteers have started painting.  Ed came down to install all the plumbing fixtures.  David and I have been installing tile board, reworking duct work wiring and a little bit of every thing else.

Anybody interested in helping to paint next week come on down.  Got lots to paint at the housing location as well as 3 homes.

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