Friday, May 9, 2008

April 28- May 3

For the week of April 19-26 Billy & I were at Operation In-As-Much in Momeyer, Fort Caswell for the NAMB Disaster Relief Roundtable and Laurinburg for NCBM training. David, Frances, Chris & Lori, Sam & JD worked on the house while we were gone. The outside of the house was wrapped, the windows installed and the insulation completed. Sheetrock was delivered on Tuesday & we got to play with our new toy, the sheetrock lift. We were helped by Carey, Mark, Frank, Raeford, Sam, Terry & JD. Sam hung the front and back doors and we started the vinyl siding. Dean & Matt worked on the HVAC. Tanya helped JD with the siding. Bert & Lounette from across the street cut and raked grass.

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Miss Sandy said...

Keep up the good work. I love your layouts and the color choices!