Saturday, May 31, 2008

Week 7 - May 19-23

Phil & Steve built a handicap ramp for Connie's Mom to be able to get in their house. Phil, Steve & Norman hung all the crown molding and some of the door casing. Erica, Eddie, Terry, Clara & Raeford caulked and painted. JD & Billy finished the siding on the front and side of the house, leveled floor in living room & installed luaun in kitchen & baths.

More week Seven - Most of the trim work was put up & painted. Matthew helped the guys from Pilot with the front porch rails. Brooke did some painting. The bathroom countertops were installed. Lounette visited with Shealy and did some sweeping. Travis helped with the luaun so we are ready for vinyl flooring.

Pilot Baptist Church came on Thursday. Back row-Rev. Kevin Byers, Yates Murphrey, Chuck Kremer, Clyde Davis & Jesse Murphrey, Front row-Alice Jones, Clara Murphrey & Elaine Lewis, & Me
They puttied nail holes, painted molding, doors and doorframes, installed some vinyl on back of house, installed vinyl porch railings on front of house, installed doorknobs, and did cleanup work. Elaine helped me put up a Coke wallpaper border.

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Beverly said...

Thanks for coming to my Front Porch party. I hope you will visit me again soon.

God bless you in this fine work you are doing.