Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Little Sewing Project

My Aunt Barbara Jo called today and said she had a little sewing project she wanted to do.  Of course I have plenty of fabric so I told her to come on over and see what she could find.  She wanted to make Ditty Bags for the Anchor House Mission in Pametto, FL.  One thing you need to know is that my aunt knows how to get people to do things.IMG_0868 I sewed the bags....IMG_0866 and she pressed.  We made 8 bags in about 30 minutes.IMG_0869 Then I gave her some more fabric and she went over to my neighbor, Violet's house and they made 8 more bags.Image1 This is what they look like.

If you would like to made some to send to the mission go to their website and click on Ditty Bag Program.  Barbara Jo plans to send some Walmart gift cards to purchase goodies to go in the bags.

Here is what else has been going on.

IMG_0843 Me and my mother Mildred have been volunteering at Faith Christian Ministries.  Here Mildred, Tony and Brenda sort clothes in preparation for the bag sale coming up.  This has turned out to be a great place to volunteer (good fringe benefits, if you know what I mean, all you thrift shopaholics)IMG_0857 We were scheduled to go to MS on Labor Day for Hurricane Gustav but the Baptist Men decided they needed Billy here more.  He has been on the phone a lot, worked on Baptist Men equipment and carried and set up this shower unit in Clinton in preparation for Hurricane Hanna, which fortunately wasn't needed.IMG_0856 My quilt bee, Rachel's Remants, is having a quilt showing at Via Cappuccino in Rocky Mount.  Last Thursday night we had a opening reception.  That blue and yellow star quilt is one of mine.  The lovely ladies are Linda, Ramona and Maryann.


Some time tomorrow afternoon we will be heading to Houma, LA to help with the feeding/recovery efforts there.  We will be gone about one week. Check back daily for updates.

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