Saturday, August 22, 2009

Medical-Dental Bus

While Billy was in Colorado he got a letter from NCMB about needing Bus Drivers/Hostesses for the Medical-Dental Bus.  I thought that might be a good project for us.  We could serve on the bus as often as we felt like we could and not have to go too far away from home.  Billy said that if that was what I wanted to do he would try it.IMG_2319 Today we went for our first on the job training at Love Memorial Baptist Church in Goldsboro .  We have to complete three trainings before we get shirts and a name tag and can take the bus out ourselves.  I personally think it may take more than three trainings before I will be comfortable with it.  There is a whole lot to learn.  The main thing I learned today was how to sterilize the dental tools.  We were trained by the nicest couple, Edith and Doug Robbins from Cherry Point.  They have been working on the bus since 2001.IMG_2314 This is Millie, one of  the hygienist, with one of our younger patients sitting very calmly in his father’s lap.  We served 35 patients today.

To learn more about the Bus click the link-

Medical Dental Bus

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