Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Rainy Day

IMG_2264 Not much to report today.  We have been in rain most of the day.  We stopped at one thrift shop and I bought three books for a grand total of 45 cents.  Here we are crossing the Tennessee River with a view of downtown Memphis. IMG_2265 Welcome to rainy Tennessee.  IMG_2269World's Tallest Three Crosses of Calvary

This is the world's largest set of three crosses.  The tallest cross is 150 feet and they are located right on the interstate for all to see.  They are very large, white, and built to withstand 70 mph winds.  They are at  Bellevue Baptist Church,  just east of Memphis, the largest church in the Southeast.(27,000 members)  Information obtained from Roadside

This afternoon we took a detour off of I-40 to US 64 to meet Billy’s cousin Don Pierson in Savannah, TN.  He is the Director of Prayer for the TN Baptist Convention.  He was in Savannah for an On Mission Conference.  We spent about an hour talking with him at McDonalds.  Then Billy and I had a catfish dinner at The Hut since this is supposed to be the catfish capital of the world.

Tonight we are staying at, where else but Wallyworld, in Murfreesboro, TN.

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