Friday, July 31, 2009

A Bug Ranch?

The ride today was pretty boring….IMG_2254 but we did see this Bug Ranch….IMG_2252 a small version of yesterday’s Cadillac Ranch.IMG_2253 And it was right next door to the Rattlesnake Ranch.  We didn’t get any closer.  I wasn’t even tempted by the antiques.IMG_2255 We could see the Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere for miles away….IMG_2256 but Billy did not stop even though the sign said “A spiritual experience you will never forget”.  I told you he is ready to get home.

IMG_2260 We traveled the 330 miles through Oklahoma and I did not see the first thing interesting enough to take a picture of.  The roads were very bumpy too.IMG_2261 We made it to Arkansas and have stopped in Clarksville at Wallyworld for the night.

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