Monday, July 13, 2009

The Weekend and a New Team

IMG_2111 The volunteer team from Antioch Baptist arrived late Friday night.  After a nights rest and a hearty breakfast we had a short meeting and then walled through the building to discuss work to be done during the week.  Afterwards the team went site seeing and fishing.  I stayed around and did a few odd and ends to the building.  When I decided to quit about mid afternoon I went to the front door to look out and view the wonderful sites GOD blesses us with.  Low and behold He  sent one of the local bucks up the church drive as he grazed.  GOD knew one of the things I had been missing lately and sent him for my viewing.IMG_2116 Sunday brought another reminder why First Baptist needs a new sanctuary.  In SS we had about 40 people and the for preaching most every pew was full.  What a blessed problem.  Then afterwards some of the members fed us another delicious meal with great deserts.  The time away from home and family is starting to catch up with me and I will be glad to not only talk to them but also see and hug them.  Most of all I know my belly needs to go home where my wife feeds me as I should be instead of a great feast three times a day.  Thanks to all the great cooks who have prepared us meals this summer.

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