Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye Bayfield

By Billy

Last year when Ann & I were in Twin Bridges, Montana  GOD let me know I would be a part of NCBM Work & Witness in 2009.  Then later in the year while we were in Baytown, TX  and David called me to see if we needed help GOD again spoke and I knew I would be in Colorado. Well it was not long before all the pieces came together and I knew our project in 2009 would be Bayfield, Co.  However Satin had his hands all over me and the project.  The closer the time got the more mixed up  life got.  Ann's mom’s condition got worse, my mom’s health got worse,  some of our family issues continued to grow along with much more.  Then came the big issue - Ann would not be able to go due to her needing to stay home and care for her mother.  But I knew that GOD wanted me on the Work & Witness project in Bayfield.  So after many messages from GOD and encouragement from Ann I followed through with what GOD had called me to do.  What a blessing.

From the morning I left home and headed west GOD has stayed beside me.  He has helped me meet many  wonderful people who believe all is possible with GOD at your side.  For the first time in my life I traveled 36 hours straight to reach Colorado.  Then when I arrived in Bayfield I saw what would have turned most people back.  Doug and a helper were  inside a mud covered future slab area trampling in mud trying to finish the rough in plumbing. Where there was not mud there was standing water.  With GOD's help the first team helped make a large mud area turn into concrete in 6 days.  I knew then it would be an awesome summer.

As the days and weeks went by GOD provided us the team members we needed when we needed them.  Word of this project  spread through the community and many surrounding states.  We had several people come to look at how much had been done in such a short time and most of it was by VOLUNTEER LABORS FOLLOWING THE CALL OF GOD.  In addition to the building being built the groups that came and did backyard bible clubs, Upward basketball and cheerleading, block parties and local outreach by cleaning and repairing homes was just amazing.

The building is not complete,  nor do I believe we have sowed all the seed we should have, but I do believe GOD is looking down and saying JOB WELL DONE.

Thanks to a great group of volunteers for following His call.  I also want to thank the church family of FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH -BAYFIELD, Co. for inviting us to come here and to serve GOD.  I feel I can speak for all and say you have made us feel welcome  and blessed.

The rest is by AnnIMG_2237 I think Billy is happy to be going home.  Everyone in Bayfield seems to be sad that he is leaving.IMG_2238 We said goodbye Colorado…IMG_2239 and hello New Mexico.IMG_2241 Which went from this…IMG_2243 to this….IMG_2244 to miles and miles of this. IMG_2246 When we finally got to Texas….IMG_2248 we saw miles and miles….IMG_2247 and more miles of this.IMG_2249 This was the most interesting thing we’ve seen so far….IMG_2250 Doesn’t Billy look excited to be at the Cadillac Ranch.  That group on the right was a youth group from a Baptist Church listening to a sermon.

We are spending the night at Wallyworld in Amarillo, TX

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