Saturday, July 25, 2009

Preparing to Leave Bayfield

IMG_2195 Since the Sandy Ridge team finished the roof and most of the odd and end stuff on Thursday they packed up early on Friday morning and left to sightsee an then went on to Albuquerque.

Some of the church members came to work Friday so we removed the beds from the kitchen and stored them.  Then we sorted out my tools that were all over the new building.  At the same time we loaded Momeyer's tool trailer and tied down the ladders so it can travel home with Clyde and Carolyn.

Today (Saturday) started early again.  Rex & Lois wanted to leave by 6 or 6:30 so I got up to help Rex and say good bye.  Well Satin had to stick his 2 cents in also and wouldn't let their camper's slide out come in.  But as usual GOD stepped in and Rex tinkered with it until he was able to jump wire it to work.  They did leave around 6:40.  After that we had some breakfast and then some quite time which I know I am behind on.

Later in the morning Carolyn went to the laundromat and Clyde & I moved my camper.  Where it was set it had a lot to take down and clean up.  Now come Thursday morning we should be on the road early.  Ann is flying in on Tuesday night to drive back home with me.IMG_2200We were also requested to help a lady unload some VBS stuff. When we walked around the corner what we saw was a big train which we put inside of the church.  GOD has been speaking here this summer.  We know 10 children have asked GOD into their hearts and a lot of adults are now asking questions and have been watching us as we work.  Please remember First Baptist, Bayfield in your prayers next week during VBS.

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