Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th of July Weekend

by BillyIMG_2051 Saturday brought a  big change. The Carpenter's Hand's group left and no group has signed up to be here next week.  So this leaves Rex, Lois &  Me here alone for the week-end.  However it's the 4th and many came to park at the church while they went to view the parade.  Then it was a lazy afternoon (nap time).  As dusk grew near several people again came to park and sit in the parking lot to view the fireworks.  As I watched the fireworks I thought of my family back home who were also watching fireworks from our lake house @ Lake Gaston. 

Sunday seams to be starting slow with only 3 of us around. However I know that GOD had a reason for the quite time and I look forward to figuring it out.  I also know GOD will send the local members out in force this week to accomplish what he has planned.  As we all go through life we get in a hurry and want thinks to get done in a hurry.  However we must remember GOD had  all our lives laid out in His time before we were born. What we need to do is listen to His word and calling and respond as He directs us to in His time.

Please continue to pray for GOD's work in Bayfield, CO.  The children are listening, the adults in the community are watching and asking why we are here.  What we all need to do as followers of Christ is to make sure not only in Bayfield but through out the world that we share GOD's love to all people.  The best way I know to do this is " when GOD calls you to do whatever, respond then”. Don't put it off until you have time cause it would not be good to get to heaven and when GOD look's in the book of servants you hear the response " I meant to write your name down but I didn't have time.”

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