Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Final Sunday and Monday

IMG_2201 Clyde & Carolyn volunteered to come back and haul Momeyer’s tool trailer back to NC for me.  Here they are all hooked up and ready to pull out after church.  However, after being invited out to eat they chose to hang around a little longer.

Here are a few views of the inside of the sanctuary.

IMG_2202 A view of the pulpit from the kitchen window.IMG_2203 A view of the pulpit from the balcony.IMG_2204 The seating  area and sound booth in the balcony.IMG_2206 Joel & Ronnie's son is ready for VBS to start.  I understand he got up early this morning (5:30) so he wouldn't be late tonight.


Today started slow with nobody but Doug & I.  Then Gunether  & Glen came by along with John.

Most of us worked inside with more wood blocking and additional gas piping.

IMG_2209John brought his backhoe and dug the gas line trench. IMG_2210 Next he was to locate the sewer line and dig it also, but this was not the way we wanted him to find it.  Not what we needed with VBS starting in 2 hours so Doug &  I had to get busy and make repairs.  While doing this we started the line to run to the new building.IMG_2211 Gunether carrier me out to eat in Durango tonight.  We went to the Red Snapper.  On the way back to the car I noticed this setting.  At the base of a large oak is green moss for the lawn, patio furniture and a plank for a door into the tree.

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