Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fresh Water and Who Is Tim?

by Annimg002 If you recall the post Our Christmas Gift  last year Billy and I choose to purchase a well to be dug  in Bihar, India in place of buying Christmas presents for each other and our family.

This week we received a letter from Biju Thomas and pictures of  “our” well.  His letter explains it much better than I can.


This is a village where there are over 250 people living and they were facing severe problem of clean drinking water.  The villagers are poor Muslims who are laborers.  They were longing for a bore well for many years.  But the local government officials did not give attention to them although they requested for help.  They used to go to the nearby personal bore wells and get water.  Sometimes the gates were locked and they could not get water.

We received an application from a Pastor who works in this area, requesting us to help the villagers with clean drinking water.  Based on the application, we surveyed the village and found that the villagers were really in need of clean drinking water and we helped them.  The villagers were very happy that the Christians have come forward to help them.

The well is 180 feet down.  At the time of the inauguration, we shared briefly about the living water Jesus offers.  As you can see in the Marble Slab, we have inscribed in Hindi, Jesus said, “I am the living water”.  I believe this Bible verse will continue to speak to the people as they use water from the bore well.  We told them that this is a gift from the Christians.

Thanks a lot to Billy and Ann for helping the villagers with clean drinking water.  You have truly helped the villagers with one of their most important and at the same time very basic need-clean water.  The villagers were thanking God and the sponsors for helping them with a bore well.  Please pray that this village may turn to Jesus.  I am deeply grateful to NC Baptist Men for building the bridge and bringing life and hope to the people of Bihar.

With warm regards, In His service for the unreached,

Biju Thomas

Image3 Those little guys are loving it.img008 Lined up for the water.img006 Can you imagine waiting in line for this small amount of water?  We are so blessed.img009 Look at those precious faces.img007 I was wondering who this TIM guy was whose name was on “our” well.  I found out that it stands for Transform India Movement, which you can find out more about  at the Baptist Men’s web site.

Thank you God for giving us the opportunity and the resources to help these people with something that we take for granted.

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