Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Last Day

By AnnIMG_2222 I got up this morning at 5:00  to go back to the airport.  I really was blessed and was able to get on the first flight out at 8:15.  Billy picked me up at Durango at 9:30.  I sure was happy not to have to spend the whole day at the Denver airport.IMG_2223 On the way back to Bayfield we spotted these alpacas.IMG_2226 I went for a walk and when I was coming back up the church drive I spotted this doe.  She was really close to me and just standing there staring.  She did not run away even when I got a little closer to take her picture.IMG_2228 Billy worked on his last job before we leave tomorrow.IMG_2233This afternoon we went for a ride….IMG_2229 to visit a church at Vallecito Lake.IMG_2236 On the way back I had to stop to take a picture of Billy’s Home Service initials at this ball field.  OK it really stands for Bayfield High School.IMG_2219Vacation Bible School this week.IMG_2218 Boomerang Express

We will be packing up in the morning and starting our journey home.

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