Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cookies and a Thank You Card


Tony and Mike watched the site so we could spend a few days away in Momeyer.  They came in last week and were the only volunteers we had this week. They were able to catch us up on mold treatment and assessment jobs.  They stayed over on Friday so we could install flooring in a Seaside Heights house so the plumber and electrician could get started on rebuilding the utilities of the house.  Ann was our cook this week and Mike and Tony were nice enough to wash the dishes each night after super. Tony had a boo boo while washing dishes so Mike came to the rescue. 


Everybody was gone on Saturday which left Ann & I alone.  Ann choose to go with me to check on a few jobs and clean up some in Lavallette.  We had left to go get lunch and do another assessment when Pat called to say they were at the house and her granddaughter had made cookies for us.  So after we ate we went back to meet Claire who also made us a thank you card.  Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked on this house.  I’ll eat your cookie rewards.  Chris the plumber was there so we went over several issues with Pat while Ann visited with the daughter and granddaughter while also watching the swan swimming behind the house.  As many have heard the board walk is being built back and we took time to walk on the Lavallette part while viewing the Atlantic on this beautiful day.

We have chosen to answer the call to go to New Jersey, to serve GOD by helping people rebuild their homes.  However it is a very slow process when we don’t have any volunteers.  We have very few signed up to respond during April and May.  We would like to have 40 plus volunteers each week. That way we could get lots more work done which would bring more glory to GOD.  Even if just two or three more will volunteer it will make a big difference in getting these homes repaired and the residents moved back home.  Please contact us if you can find some time to come and help.

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