Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter and a Trip Home


Sids Team

Sid Pittman’s team from Spruce Pine sprayed and fogged several homes for mold.  They also continued doing sheet rock work in one of our rebuild projects.  Linda was our nurse for the week.

Kentucky Team

The Kentucky team split up and did several jobs.  The ladies cleaned and painted at Devarone’s house as well as painting at Union Church of Lavallette.  The guys installed insulation in three crawl spaces along with doing sheet rock finishing on three homes.


On Easter Sunday we were invited to join Gail‘s family for an Easter lunch.  She had a beautiful Easter table set with great food.  We left early Friday morning and drove to Momeyer to drop off Cookie (the cat) and eat some world famous Momeyer Ruritan BBQ chicken.  Then we drove to Winston Salem to attend the North Carolina Mission Conference.  The Christian singer Meredith Andrews who grew up in Wilson was the worship leader.  Back in her high school days she was a friend of our son Matthew.  We both spoke briefly on Saturday morning at the volunteer breakfast about what we were doing in New Jersey.  Billy also spoke during the Baptist Builders break out sessions in hope of encouraging others to come to New Jersey to help clean up and rebuild while we also share GOD’s love.  We will be headed back to NJ on Wednesday.

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