Sunday, July 14, 2013

Many Hands Serving God

first Baptist Church-Dunn NCAlma and her group from Region 7 returned to cook again.  A special thanks to those who return to a location time and time again. 

The Dunn team was large and divided up for many tasks.  They cleaned out under homes, pulled weeds, put up storm doors, installed laminate, reinstalled cabinets and two large counter tops that were saved during tear out, painted and cleaned windows.  Most importantly they took time to present two bibles and pray with homeowners.  Wise Baptist Church

Tony is another faithful volunteer who has made several trips to Jersey since the storm.  He helped us catch up on assessments and checked in with homeowners to see if they were ready for their work to begin.

The Wise team also split up.  There main task for the week was helping Union Church with VBS. Don’t know who enjoyed it the most – the Wise team or children of Lavallette.  Either way I saw a lot of happy children and adults as GOD’s word was spread.  Others on the team removed shingles and then installed new ones,  cleaned, tore out sheet rock in a home,  raked rock (substitute for grass here) and painted.

Both groups were large and willing to split up into several groups.  This by some is called being flexible.  To me it was a blessing and a way for them to share  the LOVE OF GOD in more places and to more people.

We are continuing to get new work requests almost daily again.  So if you have not yet visited us in New Jersey or are thinking about a return trip go ahead and call NCBM to book your time.  GOD has put us in locations where his word and love is needed.  We need you and many others to help us as we serve our all mighty GOD by working through the North Carolina Baptist Men helping the homeowners rebuild their lives and homes.


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