Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Biggest Week So Far

Teams1This week we had 93 volunteers on site. 1-Lakeside Baptist Church, Greensboro, GA;  2-Billy testing out Ann’s yard sale bike;  3-South Haven Baptist Church, Springfield, MO;  4-Region 9/10 Feeding Team-Cary, Kerry, Eric and Ronnie;  5-First Baptist, Staunton,VA.  Much was accomplished this week by these teams but we were to busy to get pictures.Collages5Tuesday night we received a NCMB refer trailer to replace the US Foods one we had been using.  On Wednesday morning Billy built a temporary platform between the trailers and some of the Georgia group helped Eric move all the frozen food.  Then on Friday morning the new unit shut down.  We tried to get someone from Thermo King to service it with no luck.  Billy worked on it for about an hour and then made the call to reload the food back into the old trailer.  Unfortunately we have no tractor so it all had to be loaded into a pick up, moved and the reloaded into trailer.  What a blessing GOD had the foresight that we would still need the old trailer and it had not been picked up.

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