Saturday, October 19, 2013

Getting Ready for a Move and Moving More Sand

New Jersey Mission Trip Adventures 10.19Although the guys from Burlington Assembly of God were only here for three days they got a lot done.  They cut out and started assembling our bunk beds for our soon to be new location in Seaside Heights.  Then they moved up to Margaret’s home where they added height to the ceiling rafters so we could insulate it properly and put in a floor for her.  They also hung insulation and some sheet rock. New Jersey Mission Trip Adventures 10.191On Sunday we visited Union Church in Lavallette and then stayed in Seaside Heights for lunch at 3 Guys Pizza & Subs on the boardwalk followed by the Columbus Day Parade.  Billy shared that meal with Ann.  Ann has gotten back into running and finding some great scenery provided by GOD.  On Saturday Todd,  Billy, and two ladies from Todd’s church moved more sand at Joanie’s.  A group of students were cleaning the beach and when they finished one of the ladies asked if they would help us, so several came over and helped until their rides arrived.  THANK YOU GOD for the extra help.  Ann also came to help although we were about ready to call it a day when she arrived.  Unfortunately there is still a lot of sand in the pool but we are making progress.

October 29th marks 1 year since Sandy hit the New Jersey Shore.  As one of the parents who came to pick up his son today said, “I didn’t realize it was still so much destruction left after a year and I had no idea so many people are still needing help”.  We have started to get calls from people in need of help to get the walls and floors of their homes insulated before the winter sets in.  These are seniors who don’t have funds to hire contractors and are not able to do it themselves.   Let us know if a small voice is telling you to go and help.

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