Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Little Time Off

Collages6 No volunteers for last week or this week so we took a little time off.  On Wedneday of last week we left NJ and traveled to Momeyer. It was nice to visit with friends and family.  Ann worked two days at Yellow Dog Bread and went with Matt and Tanya to the NC State Fair.  Billy visited with his buddies at Rebuilding Hope in Henderson and helped to cut down two trees with the Momeyer Baptist Men.  On Monday we headed to Ohio to visit with Kim, Brandon and Matthew.  He is officially our grandson since the ceremony on October 30th.Collages5We got back to NJ on Thursday in time to enjoy Grace Tabernacle’s Fall Festival Trunk or Treat and Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey.  The fall colors are spectacular here this week.  On Saturday we went to our friend, Pastor Todd’s 50th birthday party which had a 50’s theme. It was a lot of fun. Before leaving for vacation (and since coming back) Billy only had Ann to help him work.  We are ready for some volunteers.

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