Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blessed to Work With Good Friends

Mission Trip Advendures 11.9This week all but two of our volunteers were good friends of ours.  Of course now the other two are now friends also. 1-Region 4 Feeding Team-Joanne, Judy and Randy; 2-Ike, Jamie, Eddie & Iva-Momeyer Baptist Church; 3-Sid and BettyAnne Shearin-Littleton BC; 4-Chris the HVAC Guy-Grace Tabernacle Bible Church; 5-Paul-Union Church of Lavalette ; 6-Tim and Vickie Etheridge-Greenville.

Tim, Betty Anne and Sid worked on flooring in Bob’s house two days.  It’s good to see volunteers and homeowners praying together.Mission Trip Advendures 11.92Our main focus this week has been working on the church building for our new location.  We are working hard to get it ready for our volunteers.  It will be so nice to be closer to our work sites.  With all the sanding, painting, cleaning, insulation hanging, staple pulling, door hanging and bed building this place is really changing.

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