Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Barbara’s House Gets A Roof

Mission Trip Adventures 1.27     GOD is good. Ten days after starting Barbara Hastings’ home is now framed and shingles installed.  Not bad for a very small volunteer team who battled rain, snow, freezing temps and high winds. During the build Rick had to fly to Kansas City to discuss a church addition he will be doing this summer. We took a few days to go home and see family. Rick returned Friday night so Paul and a few local guys helped Rick set the rafters on Saturday. Ike and Kent brought Billy back on Sunday. Ann stayed home for another week due to a dentist visit. The team worked together to get the roof done and all the many hangers and straps installed by Tuesday evening. Thursday the new roof received it’s official snow welcome.   Thanks to each and every one who has helped with the framing of Barbara’s home. She seems so happy to be able to think about placing things in her home.

It is January and it is cold and snowing here.  However there are still many people not able to go home and kick their feet up in their chair as you might be doing as you read this post. I have talked to four more home owners this week who are asking for our help.  Please pray about the possibility of traveling to NJ to help us spread the love of GOD.  He called us and we responded and due to us and many others who followed HIS call families are returning home. A home that GOD’s children helped rebuild and I feel certain the families will never forget that.

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