Saturday, February 7, 2015

Biltmore Returns Again

Mission Trip Adventures 2.71   The LORD must have wanted the Biltmore folks to feel at home.  He blessed us with cold weather and snow. The ladies spent most of their time at the Gross home painting trim and touching up the walls.  CR helped Chris finish the floors and baseboard.  We celebrated CR’s birthday.  Three of the guys went to Michelle’s to build her some entry steps.  Our feeding team was Bill and Carolyn, from The Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania-South Jersey. Mission Trip Adventures 2.73     Most of the guys spent the week at Barbara’s.  They built the front and rear porch and put in the steps. They also installed her entry doors. They also helped the plumber and electrician get the rough in done.

It is cold here now but spring and summer is just around the corner. At the current time we have eight homes to work on and three more families are waiting for me to visit their home to see if there is work NCBM volunteers will be able to help them with.  Two other home owners have requested our help with a total rebuild but they have not yet gotten plans or permits approved.  If your church or team is thinking about coming to help rebuild and spread GOD’s love please go ahead and let us know soon. 

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