Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Cold But Productive Week

Mission Trip Adventures 2015.021     1-Westwood Baptist, Cary; 2-Adopt-a-Home, PA and Cool Springs Baptist, Sanford; 3-Reg. 5 Feeding Team with Carl & Richard doing several odd jobs to help Billy out; The Cary team started out the week in Carol’s home taking out more of the old sheet rock and insulation.  The electrical is done so they also installed new insulation. The Adopt-a-Home/Cool Springs group worked with Jersey Shore United on Teddy’s home.    Collages     1-The ladies went to the Gross house to do some final painting and clean up.  2-Wednesday was kind of warm so the team went to Diane’s to pour concrete and start the new entry porch/steps.  3-Lots of people here have frozen water lines so we dipped the water we needed out of the bay. 4-Thursday it started out snowing so some of the guys went to the Lutheran Church to help them get started in converting some class rooms to sleeping areas for future rebuild and outreach mission groups. 5-Charlie and Steve stayed back and installed the rails on Barbara’s house.  6-The inspector wanted plywood over the fiberboard so on Friday most of the team did that while others built the base for Diane’s porch and rebuilt her a/c platform.

Thanks to this group and many others who have made a commitment to serve GOD this winter in New Jersey and stayed with the plans although it has been a cold winter.  Spring and summer will be here soon.  If you are thinking about coming to help this year please let us know soon so we can plan for a great year of service.

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