Sunday, February 15, 2015

Small Team With a Servants Heart

Mission Trip Adventures 2.14     1-Our team this week: Jacob, Russell, Seth & Billy Nixon from Edenton. 2-It was suppose to rain first of the week so the guys went to the Gross home to replace the crawlspace ceiling.  3-Ann has joined a group of ladies called the Broadwalkers trying to get some exercise in this cold weather. 4-On Wednesday we started installing Barbara’s windows. They are storm ready windows and very heavy. 5-The windows are now in however some were built wrong. Can you see the problem? No one noticed this until Ann came by and pointed it out. All rough ins are done and Barbara is calling for inspections.  6-Ann was the cook this week but Russell & Seth helped with the dishes.  7-The ice sculpture is compliments of a busted water line going to laundry unit. 

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