Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Good Birthday Week

Mission Trip Adventures 3.14.2015     1-Jim & Al from Virginia; 2-Ann and Paul celebrated their birthdays; 3-It was warm enough a couple of days this week for a walk on the beach 4-Alliance College Connection, Boone (This was their 7th trip to volunteer in NJ; 5-1st Baptist Asheboro; 6-Our South Carolina Feeding Team, Juanita, Peggy and Wayne. Hope they can come back again.Mission Trip Adventures 3.14.2015     This week the teams did many tasks. Part of the Alliance team insulated Carol’s floor (1) and then loaded the home with sheet rock.(2)  Some  shoveled more sand from Barbara’s.(4&5) She can now once again see her back patio.  Chris and Cody started Barbara’s siding (9) after Al and Jim had wrapped the house with tyvek.(7) On Thursday and Friday some started hanging sheet rock at Barbara’s.(8)  The rest of the crew went to start work on the Collins home.  The first job was to move the sand from the pile and level it around the pilings so the home can be moved over the pilings and set down.(6) The First Baptist of Asheboro group worked on the porch, steps and rails at Diane’s home. (10&11)

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