Saturday, April 25, 2015

Another Visit from Biltmore

Mission Trip Adventures 14.5.2015     1-This week we had a great feeding team from South Carolina (JoAnn, Rhett, Judy & Jeff); 2-Everyone enjoys a shoulder rub after a hard day of hammer swinging; 3-We all enjoy Pastor Todd’s bible studies; 4-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville, NC made their 14th trip; 5-Biltmore’s favorite relaxation activity is jigsaw puzzles. The feeding team enjoyed them this week also; 5&6-Friday night David & Maureen Gross invited us all over for dinner at their newly rebuilt home.  Several different teams worked on this home over the past few months.  They are so happy about the work NCBM did to their home and the love shown to them by the volunteers.  Billy presented them a bible signed by many of the volunteers.4.25     Being the Biltmore team is large they usually split up.  Part of them worked on Barbara’s house.  They laid bamboo flooring, painted trim molding and doors, installed storm doors,  garage door and installed the house numbers.4.251-001     Most of the group went down to the Woods home to get it started.  They built two entry porches and steps, rough in the plumbing and most of the electric, took out part of the old ceiling which exposed some weak framing so they beefed it up as well as the floor system.  They also did a lot of cleaning up so they and others would have room to work.

We received a request to return to Joe’s home to build him a ramp.  He has had a stroke since moving back in last summer and the girls needed a way to get him in and out of the house.

Some of the ladies also painted at Carol’s house this week.

All in all it was a busy and productive week.  However for the next two weeks we have no volunteers so not much will be done.  At this time we have eight homes to work on and finish this summer.  I am concerned that with the lack of volunteers these families may not all be able to return to their home to live before the third anniversary of Sandy’s destructive visit to New Jersey.  Please consider coming to New Jersey to help us share GOD’s LOVE in a special way this summer.  We have lots of open time so call or e-mail one of us.

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