Saturday, April 18, 2015

Back to GOD’s work in New Jersey

Some of you might be wondering where we have been for the past month.  We took a wonderful 10 day trip to Israel.  Then we spent a few days at home for Easter.  We came back to NJ on April 5.  Then Ann went to Ohio to help take care of our 19th month old grandson.  Billy stayed here to work, all by himself for the first week but help arrived from Swannanoa on the 12th.  Ann came back on 17th.Mission Trip Adventures 4.18     Swannanoa Baptist Church not only supplied the cooking team but also the rebuild team.  Being a small team they basically worked together on two different homes.  At Barbara’s they painted the walls and ceilings, cut and installed window trim, laid tile for her shower wall and helped get the siding to 95% complete. They also worked at Carol’s house installing interior doors and flooring in two rooms.  While they were here last summer they had built a ramp for Mr. Bob 3 doors down the street and it needed an entry plate installed so they took care of that for him also.

The RREM program has started issuing funds to people to get their homes raised and some to start the new build process.  These funds are not enough to complete the entire project so therefore we are again getting many new calls for help.  We have lots of open slots that need filling over the next 4 months starting with next week.  If GOD is laying it on your heart to go to New Jersey to serve Him I hope you will give us a call or message us.  The volunteers here this past week were able to witness to workers on sites next door, in the drug store, doctors office (yes one guy didn’t feel good), neighbors walking by and stopping to ask why they were here and of course home owners.  So come join the work, witnessing and fun.

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