Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hurricane Matthew Lumberton Rebuild March 5-11, 2017

3.11     1-Reg 4 & 10 Feeding; 2-ECHO/Vertical, Pembroke; 3-Bill, Bill & Paul; 4-UNC Charlotte BCM; 5-FBC Morganton; 6-Help Robeson/Chapel Hill; 7-Ephesus Baptist, Raleigh.3.11-001     8-New Hope Baptist-Marshville: 9-Oak Island Baptist; 10-FBC King; 11-Christ Community Church, Pinehurst; 12-Reg 3 & 10 Feeding; 13-Trinity Baptist, Raleigh; 14-Regina Jones, Fayetteville; 15-The Summit Church & International Students, Inc. Duke University; 16-Quest Fellowship Church, Garner.

The job site picture takers were very busy this week running for materials, getting teams started in correct direction, answering questions and work on our new housing location so we didn’t have any pictures to turn in.  The teams have done tear outs, hung sheet rock, finished and painted sheet rock, replaced a roof, repaired floors , installed floor covering and the list goes on.  Sounds like a lot was done this week and past 2 months in Lumberton, BUT it’s only the start of a long project.  In big need of skilled teams and skilled team leaders.

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