Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Busy Week and A Long Awaited Barefoot Walk on the Beach


Many of us draw up when we hear college or youth team.  But the college group from Boone this week -  well let’s just say they helped restore my faith in youth and now I look forward to see if the next group can accomplish as much as Oak Grove Baptist did.  We also were blessed with a team from Ahoskie and a two man team from Merry Hill and Murfreesboro.


We finished the ceiling joist and main rafters on Elsie’s house.  The teams worked great together.  As for Allison – who says women can’t cut and build.  She knows how to handle a saw.  And yes guys you also did an awesome job moving the timber and nailing it in the proper place.  I almost forgot, there were several great older leaders who also knew their stuff and they especially enjoyed having young men to handle the timber.  One day the younger people will understand why we older folks love it when GOD sends you to serve.

eric m

The ladies spent most of the week doing a job most despise. They finished, sanded and painted all the sheetrock and luan that was up in Eric’s house.  Another job well done.

steve s

Pastor Steve’s house needed the damaged vinyl and a rear porch removed so the Boone team enjoyed taking out frustrations.  Then we installed wood siding which will last longer on the OBX.  Also found an electrical issue at the meter box and Cape Hatteras Electric again were very helpful and nice.  Great to work in an area where so many residents are willing to help each other.


A church provided funds for materials to build a shed for Jennifer & Wesley so on Thursday three of us started it.  NCBM purchased a larger and safer tool trailer so David & A B came down to transfer all the tools.  Thanks guys cause that was a job I was not looking forward to.  The ladies finished painting early Wednesday and about that time our Baptist Builders shirts and hoodies arrived so they helped Linda and Ann fold them and put them out for sale.  Now everybody needs to come to the OBX to volunteer and buy a shirt.


Looks like somebody has to much free time.  However the days are getting longer and warmer.  What a great place to follow GOD’s call to go and serve.  Please pray and consider coming to the OBX (Salvo) between now and August to serve.  You will be able to help in a rebuild project, witness to others and receive a great blessing yourself.  PLUS you will most likely have time to enjoy the beach which is one of GOD’s many blessing he allows us to treasure.

Our prayer is we will see you in Salvo and together we will follow GOD’s calling to help one another by “going and serving.”

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