Sunday, March 11, 2012

Only a few here to serve but GOD was present so lots got done


With only one additional volunteer we worked at the Jennifer’s purple house.  Ann & Linda did trim & touch up painting.  Doug put up shelving and cabinet doors.  Jennifer started putting together her furniture.  Don’t know what Linda was doing under counter.  She said something about painting baseboard.


On Thursday we went to Elsie’s house to work.  Lower right is Elsie waiting on us to finish so she can move in.  Maybe we could finish a little sooner if Richie did a little more work instead of talking with Elsie.  Just kidding, he has been an asset to this project.


Being Saturday was Ann’s birthday, she took the day off to go to a quilt show in Maneto with some other ladies from the island.


Linda spent the day cooking and when Jenny got off work she and Jimmy cooked the oysters.  It was a great birthday meal and Ann really was surprised even though she knew we were having oysters.

Looking for a big group to come in tonight so plan to get lots done this week.  Call to make reservations for your week.

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