Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dedication of the Branch home AKA the Purple House


With only 3 great volunteers to start the week (Charles, Trevis and Al) I decided to finish a few jobs.  We put up more wall panels in Eric’s so ladies can paint next week.   We then finished putting up siding at Chester’s & Pastor Steve’s.


A the team arrived from Bennett Baptist along with Carl from Fredricksburg, VA.  They went to Elsie’s to put paper on the roof, install some hurricane brackets and work on the front porch.


Thanks to a donation for supplies we were able to build a shed for the purple house.  Wonder if they will paint it purple.


On Saturday we dedicated the Branch’s purple house.  It didn’t dawn on me till that morning that this was the last home NCBM tore out after the flood before we closed the operation last fall.  Now that we are back to rebuild it is the first complete rebuild to be completed.  Wesley is not wiping sweat, it’s tears of joy.  He calls me his angel but I tell him we just try to follow GOD’s call to go and serve.  Gabe on the left in group picture is a local friend who spent as much time working on the house as NCBM did.  Pastor Russ had a great message for the dedication.


On Saturday the team from Bennett started the Kieffer job.  They put in most of the flooring so the HVAC man could start. That afternoon Pastor Russ joined them.  When Michelle came by Billy T. started to talk with her.  As the conversation continues Russ joins in with his cube to share the message.  Then the reward – she prayed to GOD for salvation.


Ann made a local lady and her dog very happy.  The dog had gotten out when she left to carry her grandchildren home.  As the dog wandered the highway, tourist from Kentucky picked it up and brought it to the fire station where Ann accepted responsibility to find his owner which took place about an hour later when she heard a faint call for Buddy and followed the call and reunited them.

Thanks go out to a small team of four and four individuals who made a great team.  They all listened to the call and went to serve as they felt GOD was leading them.

We had another great meal on Saturday night.  The work here is rewarding and the meals are great.  So please call to arrange your trip to Salvo to help us as we strive to serve the LORD.  You can also enjoy the ocean, sound and some beautiful sights all compliments our ALL MIGHTY SAVIOR

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