Monday, November 19, 2012

Early Thanksgiving Celebration


This week started out slow with not a lot of work to be done.  We had a group stay Sunday night so we had one cottage to clean on Monday afternoon.  Billy started the week off watering, cutting grass, changing light fixtures and picking the garden (which is one of his favorite jobs).


Ann worked at the food pantry on Tuesday morning helping to get things organized and on Wednesday Billy joined her and others to help pack the food bags and boxes.  The bags are for singles and couples and the boxes go to families.  We both helped serve the breakfast meal that is prepared by Richard & Barbara.  Many friendships are being formed here.  May is in the picture with Billy and Anna is with Ann.


Since Wednesday was our day off, when we finished at the food pantry we headed to Honolulu.  Our first stop was the  National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific also know as the Punchbowl, an extinct volcano.   It serves as a memorial to those men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces and many who gave their lives for us lay at rest there.   It was a very beautiful and moving place especially the chapel with all of the flowers for Veteran’s Day.  Afterwards we went to the Puu Ualahoa State Park and Rain Forrest which is just on the edge of town.  There we found great views of Diamond Head, Honolulu and Waikiki and lots of green trees and plants.


On Thursday afternoon 120 Hawaiian Baptist Academy 9th graders and their chaperones joined us for two days.  Very well mannered group of youth.  For Friday supper we served Thanksgiving dinner.  Billy was privileged to be asked to offer the prayer for the meal.  After each meal different groups were assigned to help with the clean up.  Billy and Andy are having too much fun washing all those pots & pans.  Looks like they are up to something.


The group left mid morning Saturday and we finished our cleaning early (well we didn’t finish it but saved some for Monday) so we went to  Ko’olina Beach Resort area.  It is just a few miles away but what a difference regular watering makes for the grass and plants.  It was lush and beautiful.  After a walk along the beach on the walkway that goes to each resort, including a Disney resort, we continued to the Ko’olina Yacht Harbor and saw big boats, little boats, everyday boats and yachts.  Afterwards we went in to Kapolei to do some Goodwill and grocery shopping.  We decided to eat supper at En Fuego.  It was delicious and not too expensive either.  Billy had the Grilled Mahi Mahi and Ann had the Ahi Stir Fry.  We will be eating there again.


Friday Ann went to the grocery store and when she went back out to the car there was a group of about 60 young men and women across the street protesting.  Their signs read things like “Stop for pedestrians” and “Share the Road”.  Evidently there have been some close calls and deaths with people being hit by cars that are not giving pedestrians the right of way.  The center left picture is Tony & Paula, our cooks, on the  left,  Lindsey on the right who is the secretary, and Andy & Ramona in back who are the camp co-directors.  Sunday was the pastor’s wife’s birthday and lunch at church.   After a little rest we went to Gary Reed’s home for an art show and reception.  Gary has a beautiful home and yard (and the art was nice too).

We are missing our family back home but feel so blessed to be able to serve God in this beautiful place.

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