Monday, November 12, 2012

Week Two in Paradise and Our 29th Wedding Anniversary

Blog 11

On Tuesday  morning  Ann went to help sort food at the food pantry at Waianae Baptist Church. On Wednesday morning she went back to help serve breakfast, listen to the message that was shared and then helped give out bags & boxes of food.  She is making lots of new friends.  That afternoon she helped deep clean the K cottages and then disappeared to the prayer garden where she weeded the flowers and cleaned up.  Billy spent Tuesday and Wednesday moving beds so Tony, Paula & Ann could clean.  Billy & Andy moved 12 (heavy) drawer cabinets to the storage shed.  Billy also repaired many screens and pressure washed the Peterson cottage porch.  On Thursday Ann & Billy painted the porch with a sand based and very thick paint.  It was kind of like painting with red clay.  There are many geckos here and many of them live in the cottages and we have to clean up after them.

Blog 111

We were able to slip away early a couple of days to go to the beach.  Ann also found a great place to take pictures from the 2nd floor of the main house.  We are on the dry side of the island and this (bottom left) is about as close as we get to rain.  There is a public park across the canal.  Friday & Saturday were our days off for the week so our way out we went to Walmart to get a few items.  Ann saw some sweet potatoes that were definitely not from Nash County.

Blog 112

On Friday we went to John & Lorrie’s.  They live on the wet side of the island in Kaaawa  (yes it has three a’s and is pronounced Kaʻaʻaʻwa) Their house is on the side of a mountain with a beautiful view of the ocean.  After we got settled in they carried us to Kualoa Ranch , right down the road, for lunch and a quick look around in case we wanted to come back to do some of the activities they offer.

After lunch we traveled south along the shoreline stopping at several scenic points.   The last picture is the four of us in front of a calm ocean and the famous and much photographed Chinaman’s Hat at Kualoa Beach.  For supper we went to the officers club on Kaneohe Bay Marine Force Base where we ate Mongolian style.

On Saturday morning we had pineapple, mango and dragon fruit for breakfast.  The dragon fruit was pretty but not all that tasty. 

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Saturday John and Lorrie took us to Waikiki Beach to celebrate our 29th anniversary.  Before dinner we took a walk on the beach and around the hotel area.  We saw four weddings (no funerals).  We had dinner in the KoKo Café at the Hale Koa Hotel.  The Hale Koa Hotel on Fort DeRussy Armed Forces Recreation Center is a resort serving members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.  Click on this link to read it’s history.  It sits right on Waikiki beach and is beautiful.  For dinner we all chose the Grilled Citrus Mahimahi.  For desert Billy had Coconut Cream Pie and Ann had Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup.  It was all delicious.

On Sunday morning we went back to Waianae Baptist Church.  We feel very welcome and at home there.  Pastor Bryan talked about how even though the candidates he voted for did not win, he was at peace with it because God is still in control and He can use good and wicked people to accomplish His purpose.

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