Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Campfire Time


Work This Week-This week we did our usual cleaning of rooms after the group left.  As special project this week we cleaned and then painted the rails and post of the Peterson house.  As usual we did some yard work.  One type of the trees here grows what looks like a giant bean but it is only rubbish.  However they are heavy and were weighing the tree limbs down so Andy pulled them off while we cleaned them up.  They will be ground up for mulch.  We had a new group come in on Friday. Both of us got the privilege of ringing the dinner bell letting our guests know it was meal time.


Around the Camp-Each of the storage containers here on the campgrounds have been painted.  They look so much nicer and also have a biblical message on them.  We had a  group of young people here learning leadership skills.  They invited us to their camp fire meeting on Saturday night and we’re so glad we went.  Several of the men leaders are very talented on string instruments and have great voices which they used to lift up praise to GOD.  They had “open mic night” and many of the youth and adults gave testimonies through words or music.  It was a blessing to be a part of this service.  One young man in particular impressed Ann with his testimony.  His name is Kioni and he feels God is calling him to start a church in Korea.  The little girl in the bottom right picture is Ari, Ann’s new friend from the Food Pantry.


Time Off-After we finished work on Sunday afternoon we met John & Lorrie at Christ Church in Kailua for a community sing along of Handel’s Messiah. The choir actually did most of the singing and they were very good.  We had copies of the music so we could sing along but the only song we really were familiar with was The Hallelujah Chorus.  Billy wasn’t all that impressed with this type of music but he was a good sport and didn’t whine.

Afterwards we went to John and Lorrie’s house to spend the night.  On Monday morning we saw a large group of children walking up the hill on the street by their house.  Lorrie said they were from the nearby school and it was a tsunami drill.  Lorrie also let us pick oranges for breakfast from one of her trees.  

Later they treated us to a early Christmas gift.  We went to the Kualoa Ranch and took the Ocean Voyage.  We first crossed a fish pond in a flat boat where the small fish come in through small holes to eat but as they grow they can not get back out so they continue to eat & grow until harvested. Then we rode out about a mile on the catamaran.  When we turned around the island had such a different view.  On the way back in we stopped at a reef and watched the sea turtles.

Now it’s time to get back to work.

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