Monday, December 3, 2012

Toys For Tots Concert


This week Billy had a special project to keep him occupied.  He installed insulation and sheetrock in the ceilings of our bathroom and the one next door.   Since he was busy with that project Ann got to do all their cleaning jobs by herself.  That included sweeping and mopping the entire downstairs floors of the plantation house.  On Thursday a men’s group from New Hope Church arrived and stayed until Saturday after breakfast so we had our usual mealtime jobs.  When the group left Ann helped Ramona gather all the linens and started washing while Billy finished painting the bathroom ceilings.


Ann worked at the food pantry on Tuesday and Wednesday along side of her new friend Christy from Alaska.  Christy, her husband Bill and their son live in Alaska for the warmer months and then are on mission for six months somewhere else during the winter months.  They have been to Nigeria for several years and adopted their son from there. The lady in purple is Moana.  She is in charge of the pantry and has a heart for serving God.  Billy picked tomatoes from the camp garden for the pantry meal and the workers.


Waianae Baptist Church is where we have been attending church since we arrived.  Today, the first Sunday in Advent, was also their Hanging of the Greens.  We participated along with our new next door neighbors and fellow volunteers, Fran and Ed from Cary.  The church is right next to the camp so we can walk to services.  The sides of the sanctuary on both sides are doors which are opened up to let in the island breezes.


After church we went to the Hawaii Theater with John, Lorrie  and some of their friends for the US Marine Corps Forces Pacific Toys for Tots Concert.  It was a great event.  Billy even enjoyed it.

Drummer Boys
Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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