Sunday, December 23, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas in Hawaii


Busy week with lots of guests meant lots of time in the dining room and dish washing room.  Ed got to ring the dinner bell.  The upper cabinets arrived for the kitchen we’ve been working on so they were installed.  Ed & Billy painted the porches of the K cottages.  The ladies worked in the dining room and cleaned rooms when the guests left.


Our guests this week, Christ’s Embassy Hawaii, consisted of 100 youth from 7 to 21, plus their leaders.  They learned a lot and then had fun and enjoyed their meals.  We have seen youth eat but these probably set a record.  But then they were up and out @ 5 a.m. doing exercise.  On Thursday evening they invited their sponsors, their parents & us for the service to speak and show what they learned this week.


Billy is now able to check off one of the things he has wanted to do for many years.  We visited Pearl Harbor.  It was important to him since his Dad served in the Navy and joined, as many others did, right after the attack. 


Ann worked at the Waianae Baptist Church Food Pantry again on Wednesday morning.  This will be her last time because they are not having it the week of Christmas and New Years because the Food Bank will be closed on the day they usually pick up the food.  On our way back from Pearl Harbor we stopped at the Waianae Mall and Ann got to sit in Santa’s lap but she forgot to tell him what she wanted.  Actually our wants have been answered by GOD.  He has provided us with a happy place to serve, meet new friends and enjoy ourselves.  Santa did give her two tickets for free Shaved Hawaiian Ice.  On Wednesday evening we went with the Waianae Baptist group to the homeless shelter to serve a meal and listen to Pastor Bryan’s message.  They also gave toys to the children.


On Friday night Ed & Fran went with us to meet John & Lorrie at the Polynesian Cultural Center for “Christmas in Polynesia”.  We rode in a thirty passenger canoe to view a good Christmas light show which started out with the birth of Jesus.   Then it took us on a trip to the north pole to see Santa.


On our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center we stopped at Kahuku Grill to eat.  The food was good but as we sat down Ed saw a picture for their famous desert – Homemade banana bread with chocolate chips served warm with ice cream and drizzled in chocolate.  Being we were full after the meal we were good customers and stopped by on the way back home for desert.

They say only a small percentage of the people of Hawaii are Christian. But many MERRY CHRISTMAS signs are posted (notice the sign in the grill’s order window) and we have met many a person over the past seven weeks that enjoy sharing about their love for CHRIST.  We have also seen several wearing t-shirts with GOD supporting logo’s while we were out and about.  And when a comment is made about the shirt to them a good discussion follows.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and as they say in Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka.

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