Monday, December 10, 2012

Roofing, decorating & painting

Roofing Hawaii  Camp Puu Kehea 12

This week we had a team from Cool Springs Baptist Church in Sanford.  That is Billy’s first cousin, Ira’s church.  They arrived late on Saturday night and had Sunday off so we did not see them until Monday at breakfast.  Monday morning Billy, Andy, Ed and the team started removing the tiles from the directors house.  Then then they cleaned out years of dust & debris.  While doing the cleaning they discovered several electric wires that had to be repaired.  Then the fun part – installing insulation.  With all prep work done, they laid plywood, paper & shingles.  Shingles were delivered by a conveyer boom truck so they were put right on roof.  Group picture on the finished roof– David (out front) Janie (2nd row) then from left  Ed, Steve, Billy & Andy.

Christmas Decorating Hawaii  Camp Puu Kehea 12

Kay & Fran went to help serve breakfast at B&B (that’s bags and breakfast at the food pantry) with Ann on Wednesday.  The rest of the week was spent helping Ramona paint floors and decorate for CHRISTmasThe entire bottom floor of the plantation house (except for the kitchen) was swept, mopped and painted.

Other Hawaii 12

Ann got her wish and was the cook for a week.  All great meals along with Billy’s favorite desert “ banana pudding” home made & hot.  We also bought us a CHRISTmas tree for our room.  Group picture (from left)  David & Kay Ward, Ann & Billy, Fran & Ed Tetlak, Janie & Steve Bistrow.

Fun Day Hawaii 12

Since we finished the roof early they gave us all 2 days off so the guys took the ladies shopping.  We found this beautiful tree in front of a mall entrance.  Ann tried on some new hair just for fun.

Christmas Parade Hawaii  Camp Puu Kehea 12

On Saturday night we went to the Kapolei City Lights Parade, tree lighting, and fire works.  Was got to see some hula dancers and Mickey and Minnie.  The town hall was decorated with beautiful Christmas Trees.  We actually sat in the median of the street since we had no clue to which side of the road the parade was routed.  We had a nice young couple sit next to us with two little girls.  He was in the Air Force and had just moved here from South Carolina.  It was a fun evening.

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