Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Visit from Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Mission Trip Adventures 4.20.14 pg (2)  Our volunteers this week: 1-West Point Baptist, Kannapolis; 2-Joshua and Hannah Tollison; 3-Region 8 Feeding Team (Bryson, Rosemary, Jane, Ann & Bobby).Collages  On Wednesday Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno visited our work site (Anthony and Lucrezia’s) and housing site.  The Government of New Jersey is supportive and thankful for all that the North Carolina Baptist are doing in New Jersey.  After a few encouraging words she helped Ronnie install some molding.  After that she visited the housing area.  She was very surprised at how prepared we were to house and feed volunteers.  After seeing the site she now understands why we can say we have most every thing our volunteers need.  FYI – Her home is in Mantaloking, about 15 minutes north which was also hit hard by Sandy.Mission Trip Advendures 4.20.14 pg1  During the week the volunteers tacked several tasks.  This included installing sheet rock at Timmy’s home, flooring at Jayne and Ashley’s, framing garage doors and windows at Anthony and Lucrezia’s and hanging sheet rock at Kenny’s.Mission Trip Adventures 4.20.14 pg  On Friday we received a load of building supplies from CitiIMPAC.  These materials will be used to build a new house for Barbara (Pastor Todd’s secretary) this summer.  Special thanks to Kenny for arranging for a fork lift.  On Thursday night we attended the Maundy Thursday Service at Union Church.  Then on Sunday we attended the Sunrise service on the beach.  It was cold and windy but the message remains.  Happy Resurrection Day!

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