Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Arrives at the Jersey Shore

4.12  We did not get any new volunteers this week but Don did stay until Wednesday.  He helped Billy on Anthony’s back deck.  Paul, Tim and Vicki helped hang more sheetrock at Anthony’s.  Hopefully we are finished now.  Sherwin Williams sent in a volunteer/employee paint crew and supplied the paint for the main living floor.  They will be back later to paint the upstairs and basement.

For anyone that worked on the Jolly’s house you will be interested to know that they plan to move in next week.

The week started out cold but ended up warmer (notice I did not say warm). Ann has been running on the boardwalk and for the first time on Saturday there were lots of people to dodge.  It was a beautiful day and some of the rides were open.  Spring has finally arrived in NJ.

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