Sunday, April 6, 2014

Work Continues at Anthony’s

Mission Trip Adventures 4.5.14  1-Ann went with Connie and Jackie to the Beachplum Quilters of the Jersey Shore Quilt Show on Saturday; 2-Al & Jim from Virginia; 3-Don from Roxboro; 4-Feeding Team plus three rebuild volunteers from Region 5:Linda, Louise, Carl, Connie, Mike, Judy & Richard.Mission Trip Adventures 4.5-001  We continued to work on Anthony’s house this week.  There is a lot of sheetrock in that house. Even the feeding team came by to help clean up the building supplies.   The Region 5 team also did tearout, clean up and mold fogging at other homes.

At the present time we have 4 homes that could be completed and ready for home owners to move back into in just a couple of weeks. However we only had the 6 volunteers this week. Don plans on returning home on Wednesday and that leaves us with 0 volunteers from out of state.  Paul continues to volunteer with NCBM almost everyday which is a big blessing.

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