Sunday, August 9, 2015

Branch’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA

8.08     Center: This week our work team was from Branch’s Baptist Church, Richmond, VA. It was a small group we had no cook team so Ann did the cooking.  She was especially thankful for the sandwich maker and all the ones that washed dishes. Top: The final inspection for Barbara’s was last week so we had to make a few last minute changes. (This weeks inspector’s response – “He wrote you up for what?”  Bottom: Somebody got stuck in the sand. The sunrises were beautiful this week.8.081     Paul’s house has been raised and exterior block work completed so we helped him install the seal plate.  Part of the group worked at the O’Brian house painting, doing trim and installed two windows.  Some of the others worked at the Barriga house putting up porch rails and digging a new water line.  Paul came by Saturday and helped us fill it in.

The O’Brian house needs a new roof.  However we don’t have any extra volunteers.  Actually we have the last two weeks of August open as of now in case you want to come help in New Jersey.

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