Sunday, August 30, 2015

Leaving New Jersey

Mission Trip Adventures 8.29.2015 p1     1-Our last Sunday sunset walk in NJ; 2&5-On Sunday after worship Union Church had cake and coffee and thanked us for our service to the area; 3-Joe Geleta presented NCBM a certificate from NJ State Police Emergency Management in recognition of our service; 4-On Tuesday night our friends Chris & Elaine joined us for a cruise and dinner on the River Lady; 6-Jerry came up and got the bunk bed frames; 7-Paul, Kevin and some of Randy’s crew helped us get the bunks loaded on the trailer early Wednesday; 8-After Jerry got in we loaded the tuck down also. Also on Monday night Todd, Krista & Barbara took us out to eat. It was sad saying goodbye to our NJ friends but it was good to be going home.Mission Trip Adventures 8.29.2015 p2  1-Six guys from Biltmore and Sharon came up to help load and pull every thing back to NC;  2,3,4-It makes packing up a site so much easier when you have a team that you can say I would like this on that trailer and that in that trailer and so forth.  I spent about an hour with the guys on Thursday morning and then I left to make several visits I thought I would be doing Friday. When I got back the packing was winding down; 5-Cal just had to find that flat tire with a screw in it at the last minute; 6-After supper on Thursday we hooked all the trucks up and did that last minute check.  Then the Gross’s came by and invited us to come to their house for breakfast before leaving on Friday morning. Well we did need somewhere to eat and we knew they could cook.  Plus we needed to get the tire patched before leaving; 7-After a basically good trip we arrived in Momeyer at 5:30 Friday afternoon.  Our neighbor Violet (who watches out for our house) had been to Doug Saul’s and picked up supper for us.  After we ate the guys helped unload some of the trailers.  They spent the night with us and on Saturday they headed home also.

Thanks to to all who helped with the take down, pack up and transporting of all the stuff.  Also a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who prayed, supported and volunteered to help NCBM share the love of CHRIST in New Jersey following Super Storm Sandy.  Volunteers, supporters and prayer helps it all work.  But we all know none of it have happened if GOD had not called and you had not responded.  WE LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU.

At present time we are still unpacking everything.  We do have 2 weeks of vacation planned and plan to even visit our lake house before it gets cold.  Where/What GOD has planned for us next we don’t know but rest assured that when we find out we will do our best to let each of you know so we can volunteer together again.

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