Sunday, August 16, 2015

Two NC Teams Working Together

Mission Trip Adventures 8.14.2015 p1     1-Region 3 Feeding Team; 2-Ready for some fun on the boardwalk; 3-A fun evening with the Gross family; 4-Biltmore Baptist, Asheville (they win the prize for the most trips to NJ); 5-Thankful for David Fuss’ five week commitment.  Sad to see him leave; 5-This young man really worked hard this week and is getting some rest; 6-Kathy Freeman did as promised and came back to help us get ready to move; 7-Zion Hill Baptist Church, Shannon, NC.Mission Trip Adventures 8.14.2015 p2  This was a special week for several volunteers who had promised to return for another week before we go home.  As before they all came ready to serve GOD in whatever way lead.  Most of them swarmed on the Vandekooy house.  It is a project that was supposed to start in mid May but has been held up by permit and inspection issues.  The groups removed siding and replaced most of it with new vinyl.  They replaced all the windows with energy star windows as required. They hung sheet rock in the carport (double 5/8) and Chris has finished it.  Chris did repair work to the inside sheet rock and some of the guys did trim work.  Several of the ladies have painted most of the interior.  Others helped hand siding up and cleaned up behind the installers.   Don and two of the younger boys removed all the under skirting from the units at the church in preparation of moving. They and some ladies have also started dismantling the bunk beds and packing the office.  Other volunteers worked to complete three other homes.

We still have lots of rebuilding to do and I personally would like to see some people come up and finish these jobs before we leave in two weeks.  Work needing to be done is: siding, trim, sheet rock hung, painting and maybe even insulate a home if we get inspections passed.  Also Paul’s house has been raised so we can help build his floor girders/supports, nail in tie down straps and install trim board around the bottom of the house.  The bunk beds are coming down but we still have a working kitchen, showers and plenty of room for air mattress or cots.  So please join these groups and make another volunteer mission trip to Seaside Heights.

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