Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy Days

Each day that starts I think that I only have a few jobs to do but it seems to take all day to get them done.  Today I have been working on the schedule for picking up the new teams at the airport coming in on Friday. Tomorrow will be finding them places to sleep and making arrangements to get the departing team transportation to the airport on Sunday.  In between we deal with the walk-ins that come to get the free blue tarps, take applications for recovery assistance and assist volunteers with any problems and questions they might have.  So it always ends up being a busy day.IMG_1014 Here I am in the office at the feeding site with Mike, Peggy, Angie & Jo.  This is not where I work.  I work at the church.IMG_1016 You never see Billy with a hat on.  Billy has been doing assessments this week.

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