Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ride to Oak Island

IMG_1029 Billy headed back toward home this morning.  He is pulling Kitchen Two. I will be flying home tomorrow.IMG_1047Today I had the privilege to ride with the Red Cross on one of their ERV runs.  Those are the vehicles that take the food that the Baptist Men cook out to the surrounding areas.  I rode to Oak Island with two very nice ladies.  Pat from Iowa and Cindy from Washington.We went to Oak Island Baptist Church which got about 10 feed of water during Hurricane Ike.  IMG_1032There were crews there doing a mud out.IMG_1036 Someone was giving away non-perishable food and clothing.IMG_1037 Even though these people from Amelia Baptist Church in Beaumont, Tx. were cooking hotdogs and hamburgers we gave away most of the food we had.IMG_1038 There are alot of Vietnamese fishermen living in this community.IMG_1039Then we took a ride around the neighborhood to see if anyone needed a meal.IMG_1044 Things looked pretty bad.IMG_1046 But they have won.

After we got back Pat and Cindy with Red Cross took me, Janice and Betsy out to eat at Rooster's.  I had ribs.   It was very good and we had a good time.

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