Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, A Day of Rest?

No, today was the day I really started to work.  The old Admin team had 8 members and 4 of them left today.  Jo, Janice and myself are their replacements.  That would not be so bad except the other 4 are leaving Tuesday morning.  My main job is lodging.  That means when new teams (feeding or recovery) come in I get them registered and tell them where to sleep.  Believe me, it's not as easy as it seems.IMG_0999On the left is Betsy who helps her husband with recovery and on the right is Janice. IMG_1000Working on registering new volunteers on Friday is Jo, Sharon and the other Ann.

Here are a few pictures Billy took before I got here.IMG_0940 Well I guess someone else took this one of Billy doing roof repairs.IMG_0941 Knowing Eddie I would guess that he is witnessing to this homeowner.IMG_0948 Ronnie doing one of his favorite jobs.IMG_0957 He must have worked very hard.IMG_0991 Eddie and Billy putting tarps on a roof.IMG_0987 Ronnie is rested and back at work.

Late yesterday afternoon Billy & I went for a ride to see some of the places he has been working.IMG_1003 This house in the same neighborhood had a nice waterview even from the back.IMG_1005We drove over this bridge....IMG_1009just as the sun set.  Those light are not a town but a refinery.

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